About us

We are an entertainment investment/production company that provides funding to films in any stage of development. We specialize in secure investments that ensure good back and front-end yield.

We evaluate projects individually and assess various avenues of funding, investment or loan. Our goal is to secure the majority if not all the investment to ensure the lowest amount of risk.

We look for various innovative sales strategies that can improve the lifespan of any project to ensure maximum ROI

Our People

John Craighead

COO and Head of Creative

John has over a decade of experience in film production. He has worked in the US and abroad, finding a niche working on action-packed, union features.

His first Producing credit is GRQ the Movie (working title; in post-production). His Unit Production Manager credits include Jiu Jitsu (2020), directed by Dimitri Logothetis and starring Nicolas Cage and Alain Moussi, and Synchronic (2019), directed by Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead, starring Anthony Mackie and Jamie Dornan. His Production Coordinator credits include Annette (2021), Boss Level (2020), and Point Blank (2019).

John received his film degree from Columbia College Chicago. He is currently based in Los Angeles.

Anton Palmer

CFO and Co-Founder

Anton Palmer is the CFO and Co-Founder of Obscura. With a strong educational background, Anton pursued his studies in film theory at the University of Stockholm-Sweden, before further enhancing his financial expertise at the Anderson School of Business at UCLA in Los Angeles.

Having worked extensively in the film and TV industry, Anton brings a wealth of experience in financial management to his role. His passion for both the creative and financial aspects of filmmaking has driven him to bridge the gap between these two worlds. Anton's unique skill set allows him the opportunity to specialize in negotiation and provide a comprehensive financial perspective on deals at Obscura.

Anton's meticulous attention to detail and strategic approach ensures that every film produced by Obscura not only meets creative aspirations, but also makes sound financial sense.

Muwaffaq Salti


Muwaffaq was born in the UK to an Arab father and English mother. He hated school and had terrible grades. By chance he ended up in University in the USA and somehow managed to graduate from Tufts, not once but twice. He thought he wanted to be an investment banker or a bond trader but with his less than stellar credentials he ended up going on a global job search that ended with him working briefly for Barclays in Singapore. At a serendipitous meeting (and after sharing a bottle of Johnny Walker Black Label) he ended up getting a job at an oil trading company. After several years he began his tour of US investment banks working at Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and then JP Morgan. In 2009 he decided to work for the worst boss he has ever had. Himself. He started his own trading company in London that continues to operate to this day.

He has always had a love of film but his entry into the business was when an old friend introduced him to a movie director and thus started a long slow dance around movie investment. This culminated in an investment in the crypto movie GRQ. It was on the set of GRQ that he met John and Anton, his future business partners in Obscura.

His job at Obscura is trying to stay out of John and Anton’s way so they can use their many talents to best effect.